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When searching for the best in design and installation of Landscape Lighting in Hampton Bays, choose Big Bear Electrical Contracting. We have the experience and expertise you deserve. Look, you spend a lot of money on landscaping your property, why only enjoy it during the day?

With professional Landscape Lighting in Hampton Bays by Big Bear Electrical Contracting, not only will you increase the value of your home, but you will enjoy how the outcome plays on the shadows, shapes and forms it enlightens.
Sure, you can purchase those solar lights from big box stores, but how often will you have to replace them? How bright will they actually get? Will they really light your pathways and different landscape levels? What happens when you have a week of rain, will they work at all?

Don’t throw away your money on cheap disposable lighting. Invest in how your property looks and its true value. Make your home beautiful, safer and smarter with professional Landscape Lighting in Hampton Bays.
Big Bear Electrical Contracting is a professional company that is licensed and insured. Our electricians are all master electricians and have the ability to change your lifestyle. Are you considering putting a shed in the backyard this year? Why not bring lighting and outlets to the shed for better access and visibility?

We can also help with the electrical projects you have considered like undercounter lighting. This not only adds beauty to your kitchen but will aid in food preparation as well. What about better lighting in your closets? Do you find it sometimes difficult to differentiate between black and navy? Color correcting lighting can make a world of difference.

We only use the highest quality products and install them with a satisfaction guarantee. We offer you honest and fair estimates for all projected work. Our electrical professionals are all courteous and respectful.

Don’t settle for cheap and disposable Landscape Lighting in Hampton Bays. Give your home the finishing touch of beautiful landscape lighting. It truly will make a world of difference in how your home appears in the evening. Up-lighting for trees, shrubs, and decorative objects. Landscape Lighting in Hampton Bays can make sure that all your walkways and paths are correctly lit for safety as well as beauty.

Drive around your neighborhood at night and truly see how Landscape Lighting in Hampton Bays can beautify while adding safety to your home. Many of your neighbors have it and it really makes a statement. You can have the same appearance to your home.

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