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If you have been searching for ways in which to improve your Landscape Lighting in Manorville, consider Big Bear Electrical Contracting. We have been helping residential as well as commercial clients improve in their Landscape Lighting in Manorville for years.

We are an electrical contractor with over 20 years of experience. We are a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor with master electricians to serve all your electrical needs.  Big Bear Electrical Contracting can change your ho- hum landscape to beautiful with nighttime accents.

Maybe you have purchased solar lighting from one of those big box stores. Not exactly the brightness or dependability you had hoped for? Maybe it’s time you had professionally installed Landscape Lighting in Manorville. The atmosphere of your home will change from the very first evening.  Not only will they enhance your landscape and beautify it but will also add value to your home.

Are you looking to add Landscape Lighting in Manorville to areas that otherwise would be unsafe such as walkways, steps and changes in ground level? It would be wise to put Landscape Lighting in Manorville where you need it most.

In addition, to providing you with the best in landscape lighting, we also can help with all of your electrical needs. Looking to install a new electric dryer, or maybe add a new 220 line? Are you having a pool installed and require all the electrical work to be done? Here at Big Bear Electrical Contracting all of our work is done to code. We also offer every client a satisfaction guarantee. Make it easier to shop in your own closet with new lighting that will change the way you differentiate between navy and black!

Are you installing a new shed this year? Adding lighting can be a lifesaver when searching in your shed for particular items. Having outlets in the shed is also a great idea.

Maybe you are wise and looking to the upcoming hurricane and winter season where you may require a generator. Know that we have access to all the top name brands that you know and trust. We can assure you that in the event of a power outage, your generator will step in and save the day!

Instead of upgrading the outside of your home with Landscape Lighting in Manorville, maybe you are looking to upgrade the interior. We can install motion lighting where every time you enter a room such as the kitchen, your lights automatically come on. We can install under counter lighting for easier food preparation as well as accent lighting.

For any electrical work you need in your home, or outdoors including Landscape Lighting in Manorville, call the best contractors. Call Big Bear Electrical Contracting at 631 760-1997.

We can help you turn your home into a masterpiece with up-lighting for your trees, lighting accents to your garden, better lit pathways and a romantic yet enlightening vision.

We look forward to helping you increase the value of your home while you get to enjoy the benefits. Book an Appointment