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Big Bear Electrical Contracting can help beautify your home with Landscape Lighting in Sag Harbor. If you have driven around your neighborhood at night and been witness to beautiful outdoor lighting, know that we can provide you with Landscape Lighting in Sag Harbor that will not only beautify your home, but increase the value and add safety.

Big Bear Electrical Contracting can provide you with an honest, fair and free estimate for installation of your Landscape Lighting in Sag Harbor. All work is to code, and we use all of the best quality products that all are UL approved.

We are an electrical contracting company that has master electricians all with over 20 years of experience in interior as well as exterior installations. We offer our services to residential as well as commercial clients. We offer service upgrades, new builds, troubleshooting, repairs, installation of generators and much more.

It’s easy to purchase cheap solar lighting from a big box store. Is that the look you are really going for? They don’t give off much light and when you have rain for a week, they don’t work at all. If you are looking for even, steady bright lighting that will actually offer you walkway safety, up-light your trees, offer you beautiful visual vistas at night of your beautiful home, consider electric Landscape Lighting in Sag Harbor. Big Bear Electrical Contracting can help you enhance and accentuate all the landscaping that you have surrounding your home. Look, you have spent a lot of money on making your home exterior beautiful. Why only enjoy the beauty during the day?

In addition to your Landscape Lighting in Sag Harbor we can help you with any interior electrical work you may require. Such as better and color correcting lighting in your closets, under-counter lighting in your kitchen, conversion from a gas to electric dryer, adding a generator for food protection and safety during hurricane and winter seasons.

We can trouble shoot any problems you are having, checking for shorts, changing your old fuse box to a new breaker box. We can add outlets and improve the quality of life in your home.

Look, it has been a terrible year. People ended up spending much more time at home than ever before. There are issues you never considered like more outlets for computer use, better lighting to fill rooms such as ceiling installation of lighting.

If you would like to learn more about all Big Bear Electrical Contracting can do for you and your lifestyle including Landscape Lighting in Sag Harbor, call us today at 631 760-1997 or visit our website. Our knowledgeable representatives can answer any questions you may have and help you to set up a free estimate.

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