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When searching for the best electrical contractor for your Landscape Lighting in Southampton, consider Big Bear Electrical Contracting. We have the experience and expertise you deserve. We are master electricians with over 20 years of experience. We use the best products for installation that are all UL approved.

Big Bear Electrical Contracting can offer you free estimates and a satisfaction guarantee for all work. This includes interior as well as exterior and Landscape Lighting in Southampton. In addition, know that all work is done to code including around pool areas, walkways, steps and septic tank areas.

We provide residential as well as commercial electrical contracting. We are fully licensed and insured. Our dedicated and well- educated team of electricians can make your Landscape Lighting in Southampton bring value to your home as well as beautify it.

Sure, you can purchase sets of solar lighting from the big box stores, but is that truly the look you want? What happens when it rains for a week and your lighting doesn’t work? How long will they last and are they really as bright as you had hoped?

Real Landscape Lighting in Southampton can accentuate your home, add real value and give you the safety you require around the walkways and pathways that surround your home. You can enhance your shrubbery, up-light your trees, bounce light off your home in ways that solar cannot.

We’re sure you have driven through neighborhoods at night and have witnessed how amazing lighting can be around a home. Isn’t that the look you are going for? With Big Bear Electrical Contracting, we can do the same for you.

We offer free estimates for interior as well as exterior work and always have a satisfaction guarantee. Whether you are looking to enhance your home with Landscape Lighting in Southampton, add under-counter lighting in your kitchen, add lighting to your closets, looking to finish your basement and require new installation lighting or maybe converting from gas to an electric dryer….we are there for you.

This has been a terrible year. Many people were home much more than every before. Maybe you have found that there are electrical enhancements that can truly improve your home lifestyle. Maybe you need additional outlets, maybe you require additional lighting in areas that you never used very much. Maybe you are considering service upgrades or considering adding a generator to your home. Why wait for the hurricane season or the bitter winter to install a generator?

Look, for more information about how Big Bear Electrical Contracting can help with all of your electrical needs including Landscape Lighting in Southampton check out our website or call us directly at 631 760-1997. Our knowledgeable representatives can answer any question you may have or help you to schedule a free estimate for your Landscape Lighting in Southampton.

We will provide you with an honest, fair and accurate estimate. When it comes to the safety of your home and your family, call Big Bear Electrical Contracting. Book an Appointment