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Residential Electrician in WesthamptonWhen searching for the best Residential Electrician in Westhampton, consider Big Bear Electrical Contracting. We have been top rated by the famous Home Advisor for 7 years running.

We are also A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

If you purchased an older home, you may still have a fuse-type electrical box. Fuses are getting harder and harder to come by and adding additional lines to power your essentials may be impossible.

Residential Electricians Near Westhampton, LI

Installing a circuit breaker type of box can help you to expand your capabilities for now and into the future. Big Bear Electrical Contracting can install an upgraded electrical circuit breaker box and so much more as your Residential Electrician in Westhampton.

Naturally having peace of mind for all the electrical work in your home is important. Our master electricians are all experienced and professional. They are genius in troubleshooting and repairing any electrical issued you may be having.

All work is according to code, and we are fully licensed and insured. We only use the highest quality products available in the industry. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Professional Certified Electrician Services

As your personal Residential Electrician in Westhampton, we can provide lighting in your shed, around your pool, install undercabinet lighting, closet lighting, and provide the electric for a new build. We install outdoor lighting too.

Whether you are looking to upgrade from your old electrical box to a newer one or have realized through a specific issue that you have old, worn or incorrectly installed wiring, call Big Bear Electrical Contracting today.

We can be reached directly at 631 760-1997. We also provide emergency services as well as routine call response. Big Bear Electrical Contracting not only provides the best as your Residential Electrician in Westhampton, but we also provide excellence in commercial services as well.

Have you ever considered getting a generator?

Big Bear Electrical Contracting can help with the purchase and installation of a generator so you will never have to worry about losing electricity to your food storage, breathing equipment such as nebulizer, oxygen or c-pap equipment.

These are life saving devices that are must-haves. Maybe you have a loved one that is in a hospital bed at home. Having the ability to change position can be life- saving as well.

Here on Long Island, we have terrible winters and then Hurricane season begins. Consider Big Bear Electrical Contracting for your generator installation. Peace of mind is not as expensive as you may imagine.

All of our master electricians have over 20 years- experience as your Residential Electrician in Westhampton. You can know with confidence that they are correctly proceeding with your electrical work.

Residential Electrician in Westhampton

We can provide you with the best in generators, service upgrades, landscape lighting, new construction, remodeling and service calls. So, give us a call today at 631 760-1997.

After all, we are just who you have been searching for. We are simply the best Residential Electrician in Westhampton. We offer free estimates and offer all our customers a satisfaction guarantee.