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Problems with your interior electrical wiring can cause:

  • faulty outlets and wall switches
  • shorts in wiring causing fixtures to stop working
  • lights to flicker and partial or full home “blackout”

If an electrical breakdown happens, you need qualified help quickly to rewire faulty sections and repair switches, outlets, breaker/fuse boxes and control panels. Finding help can be difficult and time-consuming and repairs can be expensive. Lighten your load from expensive repairs with an affordable repair plan from Big Bear Electrical Contracting where you can schedule a repair for your home’s interior electrical wiring system.

  • Distribution center (panel or fuse box)
  • Faulty wiring to wall light
  • Faulty or damaged electrical outlet
  • Broken light switch
  • Faulty or damaged GFCI outlet
  • Faulty wiring to exhaust fan
  • Other qualifying repairs to the wiring that carries electricity to points of use in your home
  • Receptacles
  • Connectors

Old or faulty wiring, such as failed electrical outlets, sockets and fittings, breaker panels and fuse boxes, can cause problems around your house. Finding qualified help for emergency repairs can be time-consuming and expensive.

Power up your protection against indoor wiring breakdowns with a repair plan called Interior Electrical Line Coverage.

Problems with your exterior electrical wiring system can cause:

  • a power outage
  • exposed electrical wires
  • flickering lights

If your exterior electrical wiring breaks down, you need a qualified electrician to reconnect overhead lines, replace underground service, repair a loose meter or replace faulty wiring. In addition to the hazards and inconvenience these failures can cause, the repairs can be expensive. Stay grounded with Big Bear Electrical Contacting where you can schedule a repair for your home’s exterior electrical wiring system.

  • Weatherhead
  • Insulator
  • Riser
  • Meter base
  • Service entrance conductor
  • Failed permanent high voltage electrical wiring


Your homeowner’s insurance will cover your electrical wiring, but the coverage may vary depending on several factors. If you know that your home is older, you will need to get electrical rewiring. This will not only help minimize your home insurance premium, but it can also protect your home against fire and accidents


In the 2020 National Electrical Code, electrical maintenance is going to be required for your home.