Working from home?

Now that many of you are working from home there may be some concerns running through your mind.  One having to do with your increased utility bills.  We can help with the electrical part of that!  At Big Bear Electrical Contracting we have ways to mitigate these issues by switching your lights to LEDs or using a programmable thermostat to just name a few. 

Also, by working from home, you have a lot more office equipment to worry about. 

We can help you with this as well.  By installing a whole house surge protector, its one less issue to worry about.  What about if there is an outage and you still need to work; you can install a whole house generator.  There are so many ways to help keep your work and your wallet safer and more secure.  Call us today so that we can assist you in finding the best way to put your house to work and serve you.  Let Big Bear Electrical assist you with some peace of mind in these uncertain times.  We have financing available if needed.  Let us know how we can help!  We want to help you be safe and secure.

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